Meet the bookkeeper

From asking for a calculator for Christmas when she was four, to alphabetizing magazines in hospital waiting rooms at 10, numbers and organization have always been something that Suzi was naturally drawn towards. After taking accounting in high school she knew that she wanted numbers to be a part of her career. She attended NCSS after high school taking Business Administration with every intention of completing the two-year accounting program. After taking all of the second-year accounting prerequisites in her first year, she changed to financial services at the last minute thinking about pursuing a career in the banking industry/financial planning. Not long into her second year, she felt she may have made a mistake, but the finance and marketing knowledge gained during that second year has continued to serve her well over the years.

Upon graduating she began working at a local insurance brokerage first as an Account Administrator, and then as an Account Manager. After five years in an office setting, Suzi realized the typical 9-5 wasn’t for her and left her job to follow a dream of being a fitness instructor.

Natural progression right? 

While a completely different industry, teaching fitness classes still required a lot of work with numbers and organization but in a different way. Instead of balancing books and organizing files, she was counting reps and music beats while organizing classes. 

Those accounting and marketing skills went beyond the fitness studio as they proved invaluable for a self-employed person to have a business background.

From managing her own books, creating and developing classes and products, marketing those classes and products, and learning how to be easily adaptable to an ever-changing industry (did someone say COIVD?) Suzi believes that the only reason she still has a profitable fitness business is because of her knowledge and training.

After 15 years in the fitness industry, Suzi decided it was time to move her full-time fitness business to part-time in order to provide a better work/life balance and to reduce the wear and tear of being a fitness instructor both physically and mentally. When she was trying to decide what the next chapter in her work life looked like, she came back to the thing she’s always known and loved – numbers and organization.

As a certified Advanced QuickBooks Pro Advisor, you know your books are in the hands of someone who has taken the initiative to invest in their skills and is ready to help you get your books in order.

Having a good bookkeeper in your corner is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your profitability, and it is one of the last things most one-person businesses think to invest in. She knows firsthand how hard it can be to pay for outside help, but when you are seeking out the right help, that investment can very quickly help relieve stress and increase profitability – and bookkeeping and profitability consulting are perfect examples of that.