Take a moment to review the services we provide, and then continue down the page to get a more in-depth look at each one.

Profit Consulting

Do you pay yourself a steady salary? Do you pay yourself a bonus from your profit account at the end of each quarter? If the answer is no, let’s change that starting today.

By accessing your personal needs (how much you need to earn from your business), and then reviewing historical data from your business, together we will determine how many hours/week your business can afford to pay you a living wage. From there we will tackle figuring out how to close the gap between what you need and what you can afford to pay yourself and create a plan on how to close that gap.

Next, we will take a look at your finances to determine the split of every dollar your make. How much goes toward your income, expenses, taxes, and profit? Yes, even if you only earn $25/month, a portion of that should be going into a profit account.

At the end of our time together you’ll know how many hours/week you can afford to work in your business, how much you can afford to pay yourself monthly, how much you need to be earning monthly, as well as a plan on how to bridge that gap (if there is one). And finally, you will have developed a plan moving forward to ensure that you are running a profitable business that can afford to pay you a regular income and provide quarterly bonuses to reward you for all your hard work!

Monthly Bookkeeping

Whether your business invoices 2 clients/month or 100, we have a package to suit your needs. Most bookkeepers offer standard packages so everyone who falls within a certain monthly transaction range pays the same. But we believe there is a big difference between someone who has five business transactions/month and someone who has 50 and that they shouldn’t be coupled in the same price structure. During our initial consultation (which is always free) I will obtain all the information I need to create a price quote specifically for your business needs.

Packages include:

  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Categorization of all transactions
  • Month-end/End of Quarter/End of Year reporting
  • Meetings at the end of each quarter and end of each year to review financial data (option to add month-end meetings)
  • Support via email & phone

Cleaning-Up Books

Has it been a while since you managed your books? Whether it’s been 3 months or 3 years I can help by organizing all of your transactions and reconciling your accounts.

Cleaning up your books includes organizing and reconciling all of your transactions so everything matches your bank statements, and all supporting documents are accounted for and attached to your file. Your tax accountant will love you when you show up with all of your documents in order, and you’ll love the smaller bill you’ll face at year-end when your accountant doesn’t have to do all of this work themselves.

Setting Up Books

Start your business on the right foot by setting up your books in a cloud-based accounting program ensuring your financial data is organized and easily accessible.

This includes:

  • Determining which software is best for your company (QuickBooks Online or Wave Accounting)
  • Setting up your chart of accounts
  • Invoice templates
  • Helping you connect your software with your financial institution
  • Basic training on the software so you know how to navigate the program

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